Active Living K-3


Active Living Lesson

Timeframe: 40 minutes




Family modeling of diet and exercise can influence girls’ notions of anti-fat and body dissatisfaction. Overweight children are just as likely to internalize and endorse stigmas pertaining to overweight and obese individuals. This may be due to the media and the belief that weight is solely an issue of individual responsibility (i.e., “they should eat less”). Children can learn that there are many ways to enjoy movement, not only through participating on sports teams.

Big Ideas

  • Teachers and parents can encourage the joy of movement.
  • Active living is not just sports or organized activities.
  • People can be active in many different ways.
  • Schools should find ways for all students to be active.


TASK CARDS (1 per student) and TAPE
INTERNET ACCESS and SCREEN to view video files


Present the film clip (video on staying active from Ophea) (Click to View)



  1. Ask the students “What kind of things can we do to stay active? What activities do we enjoy?”
  2. Using the task cards (Lesson Resources), act out the activity on their card, while the class guesses what their activity is.
  3. Once everyone has a turn, post a blank piece of chart paper and tell the students there is a secret sorting rule to their task cards, and only some of the activity cards “go” on the chart paper (Concept Attainment teaching strategy).
  4. Have the students guess which activities should be put on the poster. Sports do NOT go on the poster, physical literacy skills/activities DO.
  5. Have each child guess or predict whether their card goes on the chart paper (skills) or in a pile (sports).
  6. Emphasize the value of the physical literacy skills, as they enable students to participate in sports.
  7. If we don’t play a sport can we be active? Of course they can! Have the students list other activities that were not mentioned.


Caution: many videos online focus on thinness, muscles, working out and sports. These are not appropriate materials. Please keep the Big Ideas in mind if choosing videos for classroom viewing.


Bring the students’ attention to the chart paper, “Look at all the ways we can be active and enjoy moving. What have we learned about being active?” Then watch the following Kid President film clip (Click to View) and ask students: “Why do you think Kid President is trying to get the whole world to dance?”


Ophea Canada: “Staying Active” (Click to View)

Kid President (Click to View)

Additional Resources

Video: “Just Dance” has a selection of videos posted on YouTube and students may enjoy learning some of these dance movements to popular songs. “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction (Just Dance Version) (Click to View)

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